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LIQUID eKYC is a tool that allows speedy, secure KYC verification through smartphones and webcams.

①Japan's top-class face authentication
②Unique AI-based image processing
③Patent pending verification technology (Japan)

All the above is equipped on cloud at reasonable pricing to liberate people from manual KYC operations.

OCR ID card

The Largest Market Share in Japan

Every KYC verification process done online

From finance to sharing and lending, we enable KYC for every legal requirement.

No.1 share in Japan's eKYC

No.1 share in
Japan's eKYC

※Source: ITR “ITR Maket View: Identity, Access Management / Personal Identification for Security Market 2021”, eKYC Market: largest market share in revenue by vendor for FY 2019 and 2020

Speedy KYC

KYC completed in
3 seconds

※When using automated function

What LIQUID eKYC Can Bring

Speedy KYC

Immediate results for general web services
Shortest results in 10 minutes for financial and telecom organizations

The next level of eKYC

Solutions to challenges such as lowering exit rates, decreasing errors, preventing fraud, automating with the least effort

Improved UX: Exit rate under 3.0%

Can decrease exit rates to under 3.0%

Reduced costs

Lowers cost by bringing efficiency and automation to KYC processes

Legal compliance

The features can be customized to fit local legal requirements


Prevents fraud by patent pending verification technology and state-of-the-art face authentication

LIQUID eKYC's Features

Quick and easy release

The service can be released in 3 weeks

Low exit rate

Our UX has exit rate of under 3.0%

Available to many end users

Can be used on over 80% of iOS/Android devices