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LIQUID eKYC is a tool that allows speedy, secure KYC verification through smartphones and webcams.

①Japan's top-class face authentication
②Unique AI-based image processing
③Patent pending verification technology (Japan)

All the above is equipped on cloud at reasonable pricing to liberate people from manual KYC operations.

OCR ID card

The Largest Market Share in Japan

Every KYC verification process done online

From finance to sharing and lending, we enable KYC for every legal requirement.

No.1 share in Japan's eKYC

No.1 share in
Japan's eKYC

※Source: ITR “ITR Maket View: Identity, Access Management / Personal Identification for Security Market 2021”, eKYC Market: largest market share in revenue by vendor for FY 2019 and 2020

Speedy KYC

KYC completed in
3 seconds

※When using automated function

What LIQUID eKYC Can Bring

Speedy KYC

Immediate results for general web services
Shortest results in 10 minutes for financial and telecom organizations

The next level of eKYC

Solutions to challenges such as lowering exit rates, decreasing errors, preventing fraud, automating with the least effort

Improved UX: Exit rate under 3.0%

Can decrease exit rates to under 3.0%

Reduced costs

Lowers cost by bringing efficiency and automation to KYC processes

Legal compliance

The features can be customized to fit local legal requirements


Prevents fraud by patent pending verification technology and state-of-the-art face authentication

LIQUID eKYC's Features

Quick and easy release

The service can be released in 3 weeks

Low exit rate

Our UX has exit rate of under 3.0%

Available to many end users

Can be used on over 80% of iOS/Android devices


Prevents many types of attacks including those through photos, videos, and 3D masks

Comes with verification tool

Available with eKYC Manager, an intuitive verification interface

Outsourcing of verification

Allows up to 24/7 operation

Easy KYC

Only under 1% of images will be unclear

Always optimized

The service uses the full potential of ASP and a common platform to constantly update and upgrade its features

Cross-organizational DB

Our fraud detection service “LIQUID Shield”, the first of its kind in Japan, can identify misuse by centralizing data on physical appearance, name, date of birth, and device

One-of-a-kind technology

Japanese patent pending verification technology (number 2020-173696), unique AI technology (image processing), state-of-the-art face authentication and OCR, etc.

eKYC Applicant

Everything you need for KYC

We combined the latest identity verification technology with document and face scan functions.


We provide organizations with a web application and SDK to access LIQUID eKYC through their mobile apps.

Easy integration

Through web

A URL is issued for every user, which connects them to Liquid's photoshoot features

Through SDK

We provide organizations with a simple SDK to integrate with their apps

Top-notch image processing

Liquid excels in image processing technologies

⚫︎ Document scan

⚫︎ Selfie


An AI verifies whether the face belongs to the same person based on randomly instructed movements.


An AI verifies whether the face belongs to the same person based on changes in expression and how the face reflects light.

eKYC Manager

eKYC operations
in one package

An ASP tool to manage and examine applications sent through eKYC Applicant.


Results are stored and can be searched later

Examination can be outsourced

No need for recruiting or training. Can operate up to 24/7.

eKYC Platform

Japan's top-class engine and a continuously upgraded platform


Japan's top-class
face authentication and OCR

LIQUID eKYC’s engine is powered by an AI that is trained to give the most accurate reading results

A common platform

All our technology is concentrated on one platform to constantly update and upgrade its features

Multiple API

A rich collection of APIs support seamless integration with your system
Number of API: 25 (as of March 2021)



To make authentication ubiquitous and effortless for a fluid society.

The world today is overflowing with data.

These data have derived social benefits such as automation and personalization. On the other hand, however, they have increased social problems such as identity theft and invasion of privacy.


To make authentication ubiquitous and effortless for a fluid society.


This is our vision for a better world, where personal and public data are connected in an ideal way.


To be more specific, our eKYC and authentication services are:
1. safer than ever,
2. managed completely under consent of individuals,
3. effortless and intuitive,
4. accessible anytime, anywhere.
These features are the foundation of safer and more convenient social activities.


Just imagine.

You could visit any country with just your smartphone, or even without it. Your passport and vaccination records would be shared on interoperable platforms.

You wouldn’t need to spend hours looking for clothes that fit your shape.


Remote surgery could be possible even on remote rural islands.

No minorities would be left behind.

It is our greatest pleasure to take on this tremendous challenge together with our partners and clients, and to make our vision come true in the near future!

CEO Hiroki Hasegawa

Company Information

Company nameLiquid, Inc.

2nd floor Otemachi Bldg.,
1-6-1 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-0004

CEOHiroki Hasegawa
Number of Employees45 (as of Nov 2020)
Areas of businessBiometrics, image and big data analysis related to biometrics (LIQUID eKYC, LIQUID Shield, LIQUID Auth, etc.)

Executive team

CEO Hiroki Hasegawa
COO Hideyuki Hoshina
CTO  Yoshiyuki Ohiwa


Grand Prix, The First IoT Lab Selection, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Jury’s Prize, Japan Venture Awards 2018, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation

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