LIQUID eKYC has a new judgment function to prevent impersonation during facial recognition.

~Authenticity determination without the need for actions such as shaking your head, strengthening anti-fraud measure without providing any hints to attackers~

Liquid Inc. announced that it will start offering passive liveness detection as a new authenticity judgment for the “LIQUID eKYC” identity verification service.

When facial recognition is used for identity verification under the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, it is required to confirm that the image sent by the user was taken at the time of identity verification, rather than having a pre-taken photo. Until now, it has been the mainstream to use active liveness detection that checks through the actions by the user such as shaking your head and blinking.

On the other hand, due to the concerns that active liveness detection might provide hints of fraud to attackers who repeatedly try to break through facial recognition with illegally obtained photos and videos of others, and the time and effort incurred by the user, we have decided to provide passive liveness detection in addition to active liveness detection that we currently offer.

Passive liveness detection is a function that performs authenticity verification to confirm whether the users have captured their own appearance in real time without any additional actions, using only the frontal appearance image taken by the user. Leveraging its expertise in image processing technology, LIQUID eKYC performs a high-level quality judgment at the time of shooting. By balancing user-friendly shooting and high-quality image capture, it successfully realizes authenticity determination based solely on the image. Since there is no need for actions such as shaking your head, it strengthens anti-fraud measure without providing any hints to attackers. It also saves the time and effort during the photo-taking process and reduces the number of users who abandon the procedure midway.

※The passive judgment function is a paid service. Please contact us for more details.

“LIQUID eKYC” with the largest share of the eKYC market for four consecutive years※1
The service provides online completion of identity verification required for online contracts, account registration, and account opening. We offer a method that takes a picture of an identification document or reads an IC chip and matches it with selfies, as well as a method that utilizes public personal authentication. We can also support age verification for student discounts. Our proprietary AI, biometric, and OCR technologies have enabled us to maintain a low drop-off rate from the start to the end of the photo shooting process and the cumulative number of identity verification cases has exceeded 20 million.

※1 ITR “ITR Market View: Identity Access Management / Personal Authentication Type Security Market 2023” eKYC Market: Sales Value Share by Vendor (FY2019-FY2022 Forecast)

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