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    Introduction flow

    Liquid provides customized identity verification services tailored to the specific needs of various industries.
    For more detailed information regarding our support offering, please feel free to contact us.


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    Please apply via the web. Application Form


    Our representative will send you detailed information.

    Our sales representative will contact you after your application is completed.
    We will directly ask you about your issues and requirements during online meetings and then propose the most suitable plan and provide you with a quotation.


    Sandbox is opened once the NDA is signed.

    You can actually try out our various APIs while using sandbox based on the technical specifications that we will provide once the NDA is signed.

    Please experience the superiority of our products.


    Provide testing environment once the contract is signed.

    You will proceed with development in the testing environment.


    Provide production environment

    If there are no issues with the tests in the testing environment, please proceed with the preparations for the official release in the production environment.


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