Introducing a New Plan for Online Identity Verification BPO Services with a 15-Minute Target for Review Completion

Enhancements to “LIQUID eKYC” optimize staffing, making it easy to use even for a few cases per month

Liquid, Inc., a member of the ELEMENTS Group, announces the introduction of a new plan for their online identity verification service, LIQUID eKYC, as part of their BPO services. Among the various plans offered based on the target time for review completion (SLO) and the number of identity verifications, a new plan with a target time of 15 minutes has been introduced. Additionally, by enhancing the review management functions of LIQUID eKYC and optimizing personnel allocation involved in BPO, the service now offers affordable pricing, making it easy to use even for a small number of cases per month.

LIQUID eKYC is an online identity verification service that completes the process either by scanning an identification document or reading an IC chip, and matching a selfie photo, or by using public personal authentication methods. The service features an AI screening function that automates the identification verification tasks. This includes matching the user’s submitted identity information with the identification documents, ckecking the expiration date and document numbers of the identification documents, and masking sensitive personal information. Additionally, for cases where visual inspection of identification documents is required by law, such as under the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, etc., or when AI screening cannot confirm consistency, we also offer a BPO service to handle the verification tasks .

About LIQUID eKYC BPO Service
BPO is an abbreviation for Business Process Outsourcing. The BPO service of LIQUID eKYC handles identity verification tasks on behalf of businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations. The service covers a wide range of tasks, including call center operations, interactions, administrative work, and screening operations.

Partnership with Approximately 10 Collaboration Partners for BPO Selection
We have partnerships with around 10 BPO collaboration partners and analyze and select the appropriate BPO plan for each case based on the number of identity verifications and the screening content. This reduces the time and effort for businesses to compare BPO providers on their own.

Comprehensive Handling of Tasks Beyond Online Identity Verification
In addition to online identity verification (eKYC) screening, we handle a wide range of tasks including corporate screening such as registry verification and anti-social force checks, call center operations such as handling customer telephone inquiries, telephone sales, and response quality management, face-to-face operations like responding to customer phone inquiries and telemarketing, managing response quality, face-to-face operations like visit sales and event staffing, and administrative tasks such as responding to customer email inquiries, inputting customer information, and handling mail.

Response to Sudden Increase in Online Identity Verification Applications and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures
By maintaining a temporary support system with approximately 5,000 staff members skilled in eKYC, we can quickly resolve any backlog of application in the event of a sudden increase. Additionally, with multiple centers across Japan, we can ensure rapid resumption even in emergencies such as natural disasters.

Capability to Handle Up to One Million Identity Verifications per Month
Managing the screening process in-house requires significant time and cost for recruitment and training. By using the BPO service of  LIQUID eKYC, businesses can smoothly handle large-scale projects without the need to establish their own system.

Compliance with Various Legal Security Measures
We have built a stringent security system through both software and hardware by obtaining various certifications, establishing operational frameworks, and equipping security devices. The BPO service of  LIQUID eKYC is also adopted by financial institutions that require high-security standards.

About the New Plan
The BPO service of LIQUID eKYC offers several plans with varying unit prices based on the target screening completion time (SLO) and the number of identity verifications. We are now introducing a new plan with a target time of 15 minutes. Additionally, by enhancing the screening management functions of LIQUID eKYC and optimizing the allocation of personnel involved in BPO, we have made it cost-effective and easy to use even for a small number of cases per month.

“LIQUID eKYC” with the largest share of the eKYC market for five consecutive years※
The service provides online completion of identity verification required for online contracts, account registration, and account opening. We offer a method that takes a picture of an identification document or reads an IC chip and matches it with selfies, as well as a method that utilizes public personal authentication (JPKI / Smartphone JPKI). We can also support age verification for student discounts. Our proprietary AI, biometric, and OCR technologies have enabled us to maintain a low drop-off rate from the start to the end of the photo shooting process and the cumulative number of identity verification cases has exceeded 40 million.
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※ITR “ITR Market View: Identity Access Management / Personal Authentication Type Security Market 2024 eKYC Market: Sales Value Share by Vendor (FY2019-FY2023Forecast)

About Liquid
Liquid aims to create a seamless world where all of the world’s approximately 8 billion people can easily and safely use all services as they are by automatic and ubiquitous authentication. We provide our own Digital ID, KYC and Authentication service, where users can prove their identity anytime, anywhere in the world with their smartphone or face. We are expanding our service globally and use the know-how accumulated under the Japanese strict law and rule. We adapt our operations and services flexibly and quickly to changes in the required legal and security framework.
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