Finger print scanner

Liquid Sensor

The fingerprint scanner has 3 fingerprint sensors. By combining a biometric authentication engine (“Liquid engine”), we achieve highly accurate personal verification.

※We don’t distribute only the Liquid Sensor devices.

Main Functions

Highly accurate scanning with 3 finger sensors

We achieve high-speed matching by using the Liquid engine (a high speed search engine).
Also, this fingerprint sensor can provide high security that is equipped with detective sensors to prevent acceptance of a copied or fake finger.
We can provide safe and secure identification authentication without a card or wallet.

An all-in-one device that can support various e-money systems

Through being equipped with NFC function, this device can support various e-money systems.

/ e-money system with mobile phone
/ retail-owned house e-money system
/ Liquid money

Use Case

Empty-handed payment

We can provide a combination of prepaid and post-paid; payment on the event regional currency in shopping malls and sightseeing spots.

Realize the ticketless lifestyle

We can provide easier identification confirmation process.
We replace the physical paper ticket for a fingerprint ticket, for in/out management systems at various events.

Convenience payment

Through the data connection with your credit card, this will allow easier convenience at various shops and foreign countries.

Empty-handed coupon

There is no need to implement a new coupon system to your shop. Once registered, their fingerprint means they now have membership as a customer. We can provide the empty-handed coupon system to them.


Outside interface Micro USB × 1 , Serial port(RS-232C) × 1
Power supply Power supply from Micro USB
Max current consumption 450mA
Operating temperature / humidity 0℃~50℃ 30%~80% without condensation
Display OLED 16 digit
External size 146mmx78mmx45mm
Weight 150g
指紋センサー ×3