LIQUID Cashier Machine

All-in-one function Cashier Machine

For retail stores

What is LIQUID cashier machine?

“Liquid Cashier Machine Application”- the application for the cashier system is pre-installed on the tablet, so you can use as soon as it is delivered to your shop. If you add and connect the “Liquid fingerprint scanner” to the cashier machine, you can provide card-less and cash-less payment to the customer.

Windows Tablet (The casher system application is pre-installed.)
Cash drawer
Receipt Printer

The 4 “easy” points

Benefits of introducing this to your shop

1. Easy tax calculation

This cashier system can manage complicated-tax calculation to receipt printing.

2. Easy products management

Through the barcode scanning function, we can provide easy product registration and operation.

3. Easy Payment

This cashier accepts major payment methods, such as credit card and e-money.

4. Easy by Fingerprint Auth.

The Liquid sensor system can provide “empty-handed” payments and a membership program (coupon, point etc.)