Finger-print Payment

We are providing “Liquid Pay” which allows credit card-less payments and a membership card-less (royalty card) payment solution.

Once you connect the “Liquid Sensor” (fingerprint scanner) to your POS casher via USB connection, your casher system will be changed to an “empty-handed shopping casher.”

Features of our services

Enable empty-handed shopping

Liquid can provide wallet-less “empty-handed” payment through a Liquid sensor and original applications.

Prevent unauthorized use by fingerprint authentication

Liquid can provide and reserve safe payment transactions through original fingerprint authentication systems and original systems for preventing unauthorized use.

Efficient Casher Operation

Liquid pay can reduce the casher operation time as well as the waiting time for each customer through the cash-less, credit card-less, and membership card-less option.

Data connection with Coupon system

Liquid pay can improve the visits via the data connection and existing membership card as well as issuing the “empty-handed coupon”.

Structure of LIQUID Pay

Windows Tablet

The standard tablet device for “Liquid Pay”.
(This system can connect with POS-systems which is operated by Windows OS)


This is original device that has been developed by LIQUID. It can provide personal identification with higher accuracy by registering three fingerprints.

LIQUID Pay Application

The windows application is equipped with fingerprint registration and you can add-value by cash functions, etc.

Payment Method

Add-value by cash

Register your fingerprint at a chosen shop/store and add-value to your fingerprint via cash.

Post-pay in convenience store

You can enjoy monthly post-paid payments, by using credit card, etc.
(only for limited and selected stores).